Game Projects

Laser Disco Defenders

A self-inflicted bullet-hell game where I was responsible for designing and creating almost all of the visuals and animations. The current trailer can be viewed here

Company Loyalty

A two-man, week-long collaboration to make a game which aptly describes the joys of working in customer service. It was a way of venting frustration as well as streamlining my asset production and handing them to the coder. It can be downloaded and played from here

Invasion of the World Eaters

An ongoing project, the aim of this game is to have sleek, quick gameplay that is easy to understand but ramps up in complexity with additional enemy types and situations. I've been using this game to try something different to what I usually do, focusing on shapes and silhouettes and not getting bogged down in small details. The current version can be downloaded and played here

Full English Fusion

A point-and-click phone game where you combine stereotypically ‘English’ objects to make it through the level. It was made over the course of 8 weeks at the Dare to be Digital competition in Dundee. I was largely responsible for design, game assets and their animations, and promotional material. It was a very tough experience but I gained a lot of valuable skills and knowledge, including adapting to the challenges in developing for mobile (only developed for PC beforehand) working to a tight timeframe, working around problems that arise in production and pitching and presenting in a clear and concise fashion. Gameplay footage can be viewed here


A 12 week University project based on a brief given to us by Paper Giant Studios.
Trailer can be viewed here